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The Epikast

Welcome to the land of Kiinos, a place where the gods are very real, and stories are told in the style of modern epics. The Epikast is a mythic level D&D actual play podcast, where each season seeks to tell a new story with new characters and new players as they navigate this ancient mythology meets D&D world. 

Season 1: The Curse of Thyryma

Levels of Play: 3rd - 6th

Cast: F. Scott Graves, Nick Meyer, Justus Milhon, Jessica Simons, Sarah Heaton

When the city of Thyryma is again beset by poor harvests, King Adrestas asks four heroes to deliver an offering to the goddess of agriculture Ylphine, but their journey is a lot less safe than he could have ever predicted.

Season 2: The Isle of Lykrus

Levels of Play: 7th - 11th

Cast: F. Scott Graves, Nick Meyer, Jessica Simons, Katie Ming, Katelyn Evans

A ship traveling to Amphynaiea wrecks in a storm. Waking upon the shores of a black sand beach, four heroes must find a way to navigate the island and its strange inhabitants in order to survive, build a new ship, and save their crew from the horrors that haunt this island.

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